Courthouse Centennial Celebration Starts Early

Nov 26, 2012

The Hamilton County Courthouse turns 100 next year.  A photo exhibit showing the courthouse's history is already in place, and an open house will happen on Tuesday, December 11. 

November 2013 will mark 100 years since the courthouse was built.  This may not be the oldest courthouse in the region--and this is also not the original location for Hamilton County's Courthouse.  You can learn about the history of the county courthouse through a series of photos and documents hanging on the second floor of the building.  Hamilton County plans several events during the year leading up to the 100th anniversary of the courthouse opening in November 2013.   You can visit the exhibit any time the courthouse is open. 

Christmas Open House at the Hamilton County Courthouse is Tuesday, December 11 from 6 to 7:30 PM.  Visitors can enjoy concerts from the Chattanooga Boys Choir and the Chattanooga Girls Choir in the rotunda of the court house.  The event is free and open to the public.