Electric Bicycles Can Help With Commute or Just Make Riding More Fun

Aug 8, 2014

Certified Electric Bike Specialists is the only electric bicycle shop in Chattanooga and they are excited about the possibilities electric bikes bring to the community.

Garnet Caldwell (left) and Chandlee Caldwell (right) are co-owners of Certified Electric Bike Specialists.Credit Florence BromfieldEdit | Remove

Not everyone is capable of riding up and down the hills of our Scenic City and for many people the extra push provided by the electric motors in these bicycles makes all the difference in the world.  The bikes can be ridden without power for the good old fashioned bicycle ride experience.  A flick of a switch is all it takes to make the ride a bit easier and the motors can either augment your own pedal power or take over completely so you can relax for the ride.