The Flower Man's Surprising Story

Sandy the Flower Man


Chattanooga, TN – Sandy Bell is almost an institution downtown Chattanooga. For decades, he has been found riding his bike with a bundle of flowers and a huge smile. Sandy spreads friendship, love and happiness with the offer of a flower, friendly smile, and seemingly unlimited vigor for life.

Recently, Sandy met someone who will certainly be a big part of his life. A young woman from Seattle Washington came to Chattanooga looking for her birth father and found him in Sandy.

Due to an accident when he was a child, Sandy had believed he was unable to father children. He recently discovered he was wrong. The 24 year-old Angela Tucker was born in Chattanooga, but was put up for adoption as an infant. She had never met her birth family. One look at the two of them together and there is no doubt they are father and daughter. Sandy looks forward to getting to know his only child and spending time with her.