Free Lunch for Thursday, September 11th

Chattanooga, TN – Kelly Joe Phelps, a native of Portland OR, has been turning heads with his contemporary blues style.

Raised in Washington state, Phelps learned the folk and country styles from his father. But according to his website, his musical influences were anything but specialized.

"Two of the first records I remember having were Miles Davis and Led Zeppelin," Phelps told the Oregon Extension Journal in 1998. "My dad played guitar, and during that 12th year, I decided I wanted to do that, so he got me started."

Kelly Joe Phelps has opened for artists like B.B. King, Leo Kottke, and Little Feat. And he's been a guest on albums by Greg Brown and Tony Furtado.

His new album "Slingshot Professionals," is a mellow, acoustic-blues album that's a perfect backdrop for the lunch hour.

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