Free Lunch for Tuesday, July 15

Chattanooga, TN – Tuesday's Free Lunch will be the new, roots based, album from John Mellencamp. The new album is titled Trouble No More and was released on June, 3 from Columbia records.

Trouble No More is the first cover album of Mellencamp's career. It features Mellencamp and his band performing a collection of classic blues and folk songs.

His passion and admiration for roots music is evident on this recording.
Mellencamp and his band worked tirelessly on perfecting songs like Robert Johnson's Stones in my Passway, and Memphis Minnie's Joliet Bound. However, Mellencamp chose several modern folk songs to cover also (e.g. Lafayette, by Lucinda Williams).

In most of these songs, it's a case of please, can we have some mercy?,' Mellencamp said in an interview with Columbia records. "You think you know about the history of music, of folk and blues but it was so much more than I had expected; it goes much deeper than you can imagine."

Trouble No More will be played in its entirety on Tuesday, July 15.

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