Free Lunch for Tuesday, Sep. 2, 2003

Chattanooga, TN –
A Grammy-award winning artist, Shelby Lynne is no stranger to the music business. Her 2000 release "I Am Shelby Lynne" afforded her a Grammy first best new-artist. Ironically, Lynne had been writing songs and touring for almost a decade.

Her latest album "Identity Crisis," is a very raw and personal album. Coming off of a five-year tour supporting her last album, Lynne decided it was time for some rest in her Palm Springs home.

While she was at home, Lynne began working on what would become "Identity Crisis."

"Staying at home was a complete change for me," she says on her website ( "Lots of emotional space. If you have time to sit around like I did last year, you think about things you didn't think about the last five or six years."

Armed with various recording devices and a waterfall of creative ideas, "Identity Crisis" was slowly mapped out.

"I didn't sleep a lot," she says on her website. "Stayed up at night writing songs. That's the way it was. Pretty simple."

Identity Crisis will be released on September 16, 2003

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