Imagine: You're Homeless. You've Received a Terminal Diagnosis. Where Do You Go?

May 25, 2016

Welcome Home of Chattanooga is located in Brainerd.

  Welcome Home, a new Chattanooga nonprofit, has the answer. They provide compassionate end of life care to those in need.  Executive Director Sherry Campbell joins us to talk about the unique, vital service they provide to the community.

Our primary mission is to provide shelter and care for men and women who are homeless and have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Veterans who are experiencing homelessness are a priority.  We thoroughly evaluate all referrals, taking a number of factors into consideration  including the individual’s diagnosis, current health status, and suitability for the care we provide. We also review the availability (or lack of availability) of other suitable options.  The fees for room and board at Welcome Home are based on a sliding scale.