One-Man Show At Barking Legs

One-Man Show At Barking Legs

Julie Steele

Chattanooga, TN – Tim Mooney is back and is bringing four plays to Barking Legs Theatre Thursday through January 15th. Four years ago Mooney's one-man theatre festival brought three plays to Chattanooga. This week he brings four shows, encompassing two weekends of performances, as part of the one-man theatre festival - four one-man plays, each performed by the same man. Mooney bills himself as the actor, author and artistic director of the Timothy Mooney repertory theatre.

Four shows will take place over the course of three days featuring a wide variety of styles and presentations Mooney is testing in repertory. Shows open on Thursday and close on January 15th at Barking Legs Theatre, 1322 Dodds Avenue.

Mouliere Than Thou has won awards in San Francisco and Minnesota. Mooney is the published author of 17 English adaptations of Moliere's works, which have been performed all over the world.

Criteria is set 300 years in the future and takes the audience on a thrilling comic ride where social security numbers are tattooed on the palm of your hand and United States is fractured into separate unions based on the number that each citizen has been assigned at birth.

Criteria is a 7:30 p.m. show, as is all the others, with the exception of Dancing Nude which is set for 10 p.m. on January 7th and 14th. Dancing nude is an adults- only show in which Mooney says he presents a coy, playful look at the embarrassments, trauma and triumph of sex. In it, he traces his way through one man's history exposing the crucial issues of sex and what our mental framework makes those issues mean. Dancing Nude's four extremely personal monologues each capture a ticklish phase of sexual development punctuated by Dr. Seuss style poems, such as Things That Stick Out and Fit To Be Tied, which spiral ultimately into a liberating climax. I asked Tim the obvious question, would he have his clothes off by the end of the evening. Will the audience?