Urban Farmer Will Allen Visits Crabtree Farms

Feb 28, 2013

Will Allen began a movement more than 20 years ago to develop farms in the middle of cities. 

His urban farming techniques are now used to promote community building and bring fresh produce into food deserts.  Allen's organization, Growing Power, is a model for urban agriculture combining compost, plants and animals on urban farms while teaching others to create farms just about anywhere.  Many of the urban farms have developed inside abandoned buildings, on asphalt and vacant lots in the middle of cities.  Much of the work Allen has done includes building partnerships within the community.   He works with schools and children to build a desire to learn more about growing food as well as corporate partnerships to gain waste from their cafeteria for his compost.  In exchange for the compost, Growing Power sets up a food market for the employees.  It is all about give and take, and teaching communities to come together to grow their own healthy food options.