Why Pops On The River Almost Didn't Happen

Why Pops On The River Almost Didn't Happen

Julie Steele

Chattanooga, TN – This year's Pops On The River went off with a bang as usual, but the fireworks almost fizzled before they began.

We talked to Dan Bowers, President of Allied Arts, and Maestro Bob Bernhardt, director of the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera, just before Pops On The River. During that conversation it came up that the concert came very close to being cancelled.

Many Chattanoogans and many area businesses pitched in to help make sure the event happened, as well as Allied Arts. Many of those individuals preferred to remain anonymous. Though the event is free to the public, it is not a free event and is quite expensive.

Bernhard explains how sometimes you get used to something going on year after year and don't imagine what it would be like if that event stopped.