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Around and About Chattanooga is a local weekday radio program with interviews, feature news stories and information about the Tennessee Valley.

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Chattanooga is transforming into one of the nation's most progressive, vibrant cities.  Guests on the Around and About program discuss the cultural events, art communities, environmental initiatives and other creative forces that are helping continue this transformation.

The concert calendar airs every Thursday with a look at what's happening around town in the music scene.

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Wed September 12, 2012

Celebrate Recovery From Addiction

September is National Recovery Month and addiction agencies are gathering at Hamilton Place Mall on Saturday, September 15th to raise awareness of addiction and celebrate recovery. 

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Tue September 11, 2012

Contemporary Classical Greek

The classical Greek tale of Orpheus and Euridice will be performed by the Music Department and Theatre and Speech Department of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in partnership with the Theater of the New South

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Mon September 10, 2012


Fri September 7, 2012
Spelling Bee for Grown Ups

Great Grown Up Spelling Bee


Fri September 7, 2012


Fri September 7, 2012
An Unusual Crop

Harvesting Bees

John Seaborn moving thousands of bees through Chattanooga.
Rabbit Zielke

Wolf Creek Apiaries supplies mixed-breed small-cell honey bees to farmers and beekeepers across the southeast. 

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Thu September 6, 2012
Knights At Night

Swordfights After Sunset: The Shire Of Vulpine Reach

The Honorable Lord Faelan Haraldsson explains the after-dark battle.

At the Shire of Vulpine Reach's torchlight tournament, male and female warriors fight after dark in a realistic recreation of medieval combat.  Hear the battle.


Wed September 5, 2012
Hop Til You Drop

At AVA Gallery Hop, A Chance To Win An 'Instant Art Collection'

Annie Oxenfeld and Christine Doyle own SweetCylcle Apparel, a custom clothing studio on Bailey Avenue.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

There are 20 galleries and studios participating in this year's hop, and they're all over Chattanooga -- downtown, the North Shore, the Southside, Highland Park, and South Broad Street. There are a few new venues, including a custom clothing studio called SweetCycle Apparel.

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Wed September 5, 2012
Eat Your Veggies

Look For Nutrients In Local Food, But Not Always Organic

A new study from Stanford shows that organic food isn't necessarily more nutritious than conventionally produced food, and Jeff Pfitzer from Gaining Ground says he isn't surprised.


Tue September 4, 2012


Fri August 31, 2012


Thu August 30, 2012
School Of Hard Knocks?

Defend Yourself, Jessica Kress!

Jessica Kress is working on her master's degree in computational engineering at UTC's SimCenter.  But she's got a double life.  She's also a Chattanooga Roller Girl--a member of our city's roller derby team.


Thu August 30, 2012
Ideas Wanted

Allied Arts Giving Grants To Unite Communities Through Art

If you've got an idea for a new cultural festival--one that would attract crowds who normally pass up the arts--then Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga might fund it.

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Thu August 30, 2012

TVA Writes Check for Energy Savings

Southeastern Container manufactures plastic bottles for Coca-Cola bottling and was awarded an incentive check from Tennessee Valley Authority for energy reduction through Energy Right Solutions for Industry

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Wed August 29, 2012
Story Time

Martha Bell Miller Recounts Her Days As Mother Goose

Martha Bell Miller poses with her Rock City hat and stuffed goose in her room at St. Barnabas.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

Martha Bell Miller had a long career as a teacher in Hamilton County Schools, and a shorter career as a travel agent. But what most Chattanoogans probably know her for is her 20 year stint as Mother Goose.

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