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Mon February 3, 2014
Charles & 'Charge'

Southern Lit: A Long Conversation with Charles McNair

Charles McNair's first novel, Land O' Goshen, was published in 1994 and nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  McNair spent nearly two decades writing and rewriting his next book, Pickett's Charge.

Nominated for a 2014 Townsend Prize for Fiction, Pickett's Charge is the story of 114-year-old Civil War veteran Threadgill Pickett, who escapes from an Alabama nursing home and embarks on a wild, absurd, tragic quest for vengeance.

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Mon January 27, 2014

Elizabeth Cline Unravels the ‘Fast Fashion’ Industry in ‘Overdressed'

UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, Cline's lecture at Dalton State College on 1/30 has been canceled and will be rescheduled.

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Thu January 23, 2014
Arts & Culture

Come Face To Face With Chattanooga Youth In New Mural

One of the portraits included in the Face to Face Mural

What better way to understand a neighborhood than to see the faces of its community? This is the theme of the latest mural from Mark Making, an organization that brings art to underserved communities in Chattanooga.

Mark Making unveiled their newest mural on Martin Luther King Day. It’s called FACE to FACE and features abstract portraits of several East Chattanooga teenagers. The mural also tackles subjects such as violence, pollution, and poverty. 

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Tue January 21, 2014
Arts & Culture

30+ Artists Featured in Reflections Gallery's Members Exhibition

The new Members Exhibition at Reflections Gallery on Lee Highway will feature the work of more than 30 Chattanooga area artists. WUTC's Richard Winham stopped by the gallery to talk to two of the painters whose work is included in the exhibition, which opens on Thursday, January 23.  It will be on display until March 20th. 

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Thu January 16, 2014
Possessions and Priests

Mise En Scenesters Prepare For New Year With The Devil

It’s now 2014, and for some the devil will be coming to Chattanooga. Luckily not the literal devil, but a film called Here Comes the Devil, a movie  called “Delightfully creepy” by the LA Times.

Here Comes the Devil will have its Chattanooga premiere this Saturday at Barking Legs Theater. The Mise En Scenesters Film Club is responsible for the film’s screening.

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Wed January 15, 2014
Arts & Culture

Whackos at the Tennessee Aquarium

Startled Salacious Pouncer by Stephen Rolfe Powell, part of the Whacko Collection.
Credit Stephen Rolfe Powell

The whimsical glass art of Stephen Rolfe Powell is on display at the Tennessee Aquarium through a collection of glass sculptures known as Whackos

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Wed January 15, 2014
Arts & Culture

Evatt & Bloom Productions Seeks Actors, Writers

Evatt & Bloom Productions films video comedy sketches and produces live comedy & stand-up shows in Chattanooga.

The company seeks writers and actors for its 2014 season.  Auditions will happen January 20th at 7 p.m. at the Heritage House Arts and Civic Center in East Brainerd.  People unable to attend the live auditions can send video submissions instead.  Writers should send sample scripts to with 'Writer Application' as the subject line.

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Mon January 13, 2014
Arts & Culture

In-Town Gallery Celebrates 40 Years in Chattanooga

Chattanooga's In-Town Gallery boasts that it is one of the oldest cooperative galleries in the United States.  The gallery, currently located on the North Shore, opened in 1974 and has occupied several different spaces throughout its history.  Members are celebrating with special exhibits and events throughout the year.  WUTC's Mark Colbert visited the gallery to talk with artists.

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Tue January 7, 2014
Let Beauty Awaken

Student-Created Arts Funding Initiative May Soon Be Chattanooga City & Hamilton County Program

Chattanooga has a vibrant, expanding arts community. Painters, writers and musicians have moved here, attracted by the support for the arts from both the city and the community. But that support isn’t widely reflected in city and county middle and high schools.

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Fri January 3, 2014
Best New Read

History Speaks in ‘Voices of Cherokee Women’

Voice of Cherokee Women, edited by Carolyn Ross Johnston. John F. Blair, Publisher.

Carolyn Ross Johnston edited Voices of Cherokee Women, which recounts hundreds of years of Cherokee history through primary documents such as letters, diary entries, oral history transcriptions and newspaper articles.  These documents vividly demonstrate how events such as the arrival of European missionaries, the Trail of Tears and the Civil War affected Cherokee women.

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Tue December 17, 2013
Arts & Culture

Tattoo An Artistic Expression

Jennifer Edge
Credit Main Line Link

Jennifer Edge is truly passionate about art and enjoys her profession as a tattoo artist.  Edge joined Dan Siviter and Lynn Buckner to open Main Line Ink, a tattoo parlor at 317 East Main Street, Chattanooga. 

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Mon December 16, 2013
Storyteller Series

Peyton Miller Recalls A 'Failed Existential Moment'

Chattanooga resident Peyton Miller joins us for the latest edition of WUTC’s Storyteller Series.  This tale involves an island, a screaming girl in a Porta-Potty, and St. Augustine’s City of God.

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Fri December 6, 2013
Arts & Culture

In A Band? The Chattanooga Music Database Seeks Info

Launched November 25th, the 423 PK Web site seeks to be a comprehensive database of Chattanooga musicians, and already features more than a dozen profiles.

Brothers David and Joel Ruiz are building an online database of Chattanooga bands and musicians.  Their Web site, launched November 25th, could become a comprehensive directory that gives local music fans more information about artists, and helps venue owners book acts.

Artists can fill out a profile and get listed.

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Tue December 3, 2013
Arts & Culture

Paul’s Playlist: In This WUTC Special, Meteorologist Barys Shares Favorite Songs

Paul Barys has been the Chief Meteorologist on Channel 3 television here in Chattanooga since 1985. He began his career in private weather forecasting in 1974 before moving to television broadcasting in 1975. He joined Channel 3 after working in stations in Washington, North Carolina, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Cleveland, Ohio. He has a B.S. in Meteorology from Northern Illinois University, and the American Meteorological Society’s Television Seal of Approval in 1975.

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Tue November 26, 2013
Reel Cool

Filmmaker Daniel Griffith Celebrates Mystery Science Theater 3000 in New Documentary

Chattanooga filmmaker Daniel Griffith has created a feature-length documentary about Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the 25th anniversary of the cult sci-fi show.  Griffith produces all the bonus materials for the DVD box sets of MST3K.  WUTC's Richard Winham spoke with Griffith, who said that since his childhood, he’s been a fan of the kind of music and movies most people are happy to ignore.

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