"A maker," Chatt*lab President Jeff Johnson says, "is anybody that wants to tinker, invent, create... watch people make stuff, learn how to make stuff, [or] teach people how to make stuff."

Area businesses, restaurants and schools are invited to take part in Pink! Week, January 23 through 28. It benefits the MaryEllen Locher Breast Center, and precedes the 12th annual Pink! Gala (which is now sold out). Listen to this story for more information. 

Ballot Vox: Melody Shekari

Oct 21, 2016

As part of WUTC’s coverage of the November 8 elections, we are speaking to most of the major candidates on the Hamilton County ballot. This is our interview with Melody Shekari, the Democratic candidate for Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District. 

Michael Edward Miller: Melody Shekari, thank you for speaking with us today. 

Melody Shekari: Thank you for having me.

Miller: So first of all let's just hear a little bit about yourself. Tell us who you are, where you are from, a little bit about your education. 

  Renowned composer Daniel Asia is coming to Chattanooga for a series of free performances and lectures in early November.  In this interview, we discuss the ways Judaism inspires and informs his compositions, his use of Paul Pines poems as lyrics, and a Huffington post article he wrote that caused a stir in the classical music world.

From a media release: