2016 has been a year of tremendous activity in Chattanooga's Startup community.  From the development of the Innovation District to more than $1 billion of new construction, Chattanooga has more new initiatives than ever before.

On this episode, Mayor Andy Berke sits down with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell to assess the year that's been and look ahead to 2017.  There's never been a better time to start or grow a small business in Chattanooga.  

When Dan Rose and Max Poppel launched The Crashpad, they were urban pioneers.  Five years later, they have also opened The Flying Squirrel and watched Southside development boom all around them.  Today their cool hostel and restaurant continue to win acclaim from fans near and far.

After years of running his family's business in Florida and working with Caterpillar dealers throughout North and South America, Larry Kaye has learned how to fine tune business operations to make companies fire on all cylinders.  In 1996, Larry founded Script International to help companies across a broad spectrum of industries learn how to optimize their performance.

On this episode, Larry talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about how the right business processes lead to improved customer service, profit margins, and competitive advantage.   

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The November fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee took a steep toll in lives, homes and businesses, touching anyone who cherishes the culture of East Tennessee and its musical soul. 

The Finish Line

Dec 13, 2016
Jobie Williams

Nathan Sexton had everything going for him: a wonderful wife, a newborn son, and a dream job at a successful startup. When his life changed in an instant, he had to learn how to just run with it. In this sound portrait, Nathan shares his powerful story in his own words.

Most CEOs don't really like to think of bad scenarios.  What happens if your product fails or your customers' accounts are hacked? Peter Gillett, Managing Director of Marketpoint Recall, helps clients with these issues everyday. 

On this episode, Peter talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about how companies can get in front of potentially catastrophic customer service issues.  How well has Samsung managed its recent smartphone recall woes?  What could Volkswagen have done better in navigating its emissions scandal in the US?

The second installment of Chatt About Science, this city's Science Cafe series, is coming up Dec 8 at the Chattanooga Brewing Company. The events are informal, fun discussions with local scientists. Listen to an interview with organizer Sarah Webb and presenter Dr. Manuel Santiago.

From their Facebook page:

With almost everyone sending packages at this time of the year, you might be interested in an alternative to the conventional delivery services. It’s called Roadie. Started in Atlanta in 2015, Roadie operates much the same way as Uber, but rather than passengers they take packages and pets. Richard Winham talked to Jeremy Dollar, a local driver for Roadie which now offers delivery to all fifty states.  

As a fitness instructor, Kyle House built a loyal client base.  This popularity has inspired Kyle to co-found Kyle House Fitness on West Main Street.

On this episode, Kyle talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about his unique approach to achieving and maintaining fitness.  Kyle has learned that managing a business requires different skills than teaching a class.

When Tim Piersant and his partners launched Chattanooga Whiskey, they knew they had their work cut out for them.  They had to lobby the Tennessee state legislature to change laws and initially produced their product in Indiana.

Now Chattanooga Whiskey is building a brand new facility downtown and is transitioning all distilling operations to Chattanooga.  On this episode, Tim sits down with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell to chronicle this journey and talk about what comes next.

Kahmesha Herring, a volunteer with the Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee, joins us to talk about their fundraiser coming up Saturday, which includes a chance for kids of all ages to dress up in animal costumes and walk through Warner Park.

More information is here:

You may have noticed that lately Chattanooga looks like a dystopian movie, with plumes of thick smoke looming over the city and people wearing face masks. But it isn’t the end of the world. Just fallout from local wildfires. We spoke Dr. Pamela Sud, a pulmonologist at CHI Memorial, about the nearly 100 patients the hospital has treated for smoke-related breathing problems. Another local hospital, Erlanger, has treated more than a hundred as well.

After working at Bain & Company and going to business school, Will Harper realized how important corporate culture is to business success.  Now, as Co-Founder of Like Humans (a new consulting company), Will helps clients create cultures that optimize happiness.

On this episode, Will talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about how happiness holds the key to improving financial and marketing performance.  

Governor Bill Haslam created Insure Tennessee to help 280,000 low-income residents in the state get health insurance. But a small group of Republican lawmakers in the state Senate Health Committee killed the plan before it got off the ground, which inspired the creation of Women for Tennessee's Future, an organization opposing Republicans by grooming female Democratic candidates to run for office.