Cheryl Jackson has been sick for most of her life. She is now in her early 40’s and it is only in the last two years that she has been able to count on relatively good health.

  Dan Lothian travels the world while covering religion and ethics for PBS.  Before that, he was CNN’s White House Correspondent and Boston Bureau Chief.  In this interview, he talks about how he got his start—first as a Tennessee Temple student in Chattanooga, then as a reporter at WDEF News 12.  

This is the first of WUTC's new Civic Chats series, where we speak with lawmakers and community leaders about important issues in the region.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee is hosting their first-ever fun walk on Saturday.  Shawnessey Keith Cargile joins us to give us the details.

From their Web site:

Join Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee for our first-ever fun walk!

  All around the world, many organizations use the Salesforce platform. But when companies grow to the point of needing custom applications, they turn to Code Science.  With offices in Chattanooga and San Francisco, Code Science has become one of the premier custom app builders for the Salesforce platform.

Partner Brian Walsh and Operations Director Coni Thomas talk with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about the challenges of managing their own meteoric growth and how Chattanooga has been key to their success.  Find out what's next for Code Science.

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The National Labor Relations Board has ruled in favor of the United Auto Workers’ bid for a second election at Chattanooga’s Volkswagen assembly plant.

  At first glance, 4 Paws Pantry might look like a pet store.  It’s stocked with chew toys, blankets for cats and dogs, and other pet accessories.  But it’s actually a food bank for pets, and sales of the items help fund the mission—providing free pet food to people going through financial hardships.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Percussion Ensemble’s annual year-end concert called Beat Hunger is set for this Sunday November 22 and Monday November 23 at 7:30 in the UTC Fine Arts Center. That it’s scheduled for two successive nights is a testament to its popularity. Richard Winham talked to Dr. Monte Coulter, the director of the percussion program here at UTC. He told him the original impetus for the increasingly popular concerts came from seeing homeless people on the streets in the neighborhood surrounding UTC.  

SoundCorps, a local non-profit whose goal is to “build Chattanooga’s music economy” is the result of two years' work, according to the executive director, Stratton Tingle. In the summer of 2014, a group of music business researchers from Austin, Texas were invited to Chattanooga to measure music’s impact on the city’s economy. Armed with the results of that study, Stratton Tingle formed a board and began raising money to establish SoundCorps as a resource for music professionals in Chattanooga.

  Tim Kelly's family has owned automotive dealerships since the 1930s. So, it might seem unusual that someone so steeped in traditional car sales, would be the developer of new technology to improve the experience of individuals trading cars on the private market.

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  The United Auto Workers are seeking a an election to represent maintenance workers at Chattanooga's Volkswagen assembly plant.

  Now in its 4th year, the UTC CEO Club's Elevator Pitch Competition has become a highlight of Startup Week Chattanooga.  This year, for the first time, an all woman led team took First Place.  Cora-Leigh O'Neal and Amanda Power plan to develop a recipe app to help busy people plan meals using only the ingredients they already have on hand.  Their concept, What's In My Kitchen was the clear favorite of the judges.

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  Last year, when workers at the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant voted on whether to allow the United Auto Workers to represent them, Volkswagen was accused of being too friendly with the UAW.  The UAW lost, and a new election could happen this year.  But this time, VW opposes it.  In this segment, we find out why, and speak with UAW Local 42 President Mike Cantrell about what's at stake in the election and whether it has anything to do with the recent VW diesel-emissions cheating scandal.

National Park Service

  The National Park Service is looking for your input on the future of a fairly new park in the Chattanooga area.  Today we're speaking with Michael Wurzel, Executive Director - Friends of Moccasin Bend National Park about what's at stake with the park's future.  The public comment period is open until November 13th.


  When JJ Jerman and his wife Beverly moved to Chattanooga to start Office Furniture Warehouse, they had no idea of the adventure on which they were embarking.  Today, OFW has multiple divisions and has recently begun to test the market for used medical furnishings outside the United States.  Key to their continued success has always been the discipline to never expand into a new business area without already having a customer.