This past Summer 26 people ranging in age from 40 to 70 went away to Summer Camp for the weekend. The organizers called it Boomer Camp. It was at Camp Ocoee and for a couple of days in addition to wine tastings and a smoked salmon supper, they kayaked, canoed, hiked, swam and sang songs around a fire like kids at camp. “It was an opportunity to play and have fun without feeling guilty about it,” said one.

The camp was a big success; the organizers had hoped for eight people, 26 signed up.

With over 180 events all across Chattanooga's Innovation District, the 3rd annual Startup Week is the city's biggest so far.  Aimed at causing creative collisions between founders, investors, and the public, the event offers a wide array of activities.

Edney Building Events Coordinator Tim Jones and Social Media Consultant Jordan Scruggs talk with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about the ins and outs of Startup Week.  Tune in and find out how to plug in to this annual event.


A new election race has begun in Chattanooga. With so much focus on Trump and Clinton, you might have missed the kickoff.

On August 30, Larry Grohn, the District 4 Councilman in Chattanooga, announced he would be running for mayor.

That vote is about five months away, in March of 2017. 

Grohn says violence in the city, a lack of housing, and a lack of workforce development are issues he wants to address in his campaign. 

“As well as our city is doing,"he says, "we can do better in these regards."


WUTC's Richard Winham speaks with Teal Thibaud, Executive Director of the Glass House Collective, and Shane Morrow about revitalization efforts in the neighborhood.

The Glass Street LIVE Block Party is coming up 9/24, and the public is invited.

From their Web site:

Five years ago, Mindy Benton transitioned from personal chef to restaurateur. She has built Mindy B's Deli by offering avant garde sandwiches in an entertaining atmosphere. Mindy believes that even if your job is boring, your lunch doesn't have to be.

On this episode, Mindy talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about the perks and perils of owning a small restaurant. Everyday is a learning experience, and fuels her desire to continue to grow Mindy B's Deli.  

  Katie Hendrix of Mozilla and Tia Capps of The Company Lab talk with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about 48 Hour Launch: The Internet of Things. This year, 7 teams will compete to see how far they can propel their business ideas over the span of just one weekend. Prizes include cash, professional services, and trips to MozFest in London. 

  When Sharon Kelly's grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Sharon had few attractive options for her care.  Because Sharon was a Registered Nurse, she new that putting her grandmother in a nursing home would be both expensive and less than optimal.  To solve her own family's dilemma, Sharon decided to create Sharon's Senior Services, a daycare facility for the elderly.

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  The National Labor Relations Board is ordering Volkswagen to recognize a labor union at its Chattanooga, Tennessee assembly plant. But Volkswagen opposes United Auto Workers Local 42 because the group is only a small part of the plant's overall workforce.


  Football season kicks off Thursday at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

  As a fourth-generation physician, Dr. Kelly Arnold has always had a passion for helping others.  So, when she relocated to Chattanooga, Kelly founded Clinica Medicos to provide comprehensive healthcare to the city's underserved Latino community. Patterned after a Memphis organization started by her family, Clinica Medicos has established itself as a vital portal to services and resources.

  For those wanting to own a business, franchises can be an affordable, viable option.  Four years ago, Leslie Bennett discovered Soccer Shots and knew that Chattanooga was the perfect market for this franchise opportunity.

Today, Leslie talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about wrangling both little kids and their parents and about how Soccer Shots is growing like wildfire in Chattanooga.  Learn why owning a franchise has been the right path to realizing her entrepreneurial dreams.  

    Though she may not have realized it then, Katie King has been entrepreneurial since graduating from law school.  She worked as a temp to outfox the corporate gatekeepers and rose to become Senior Counsel at EPB.  Recently she has launched her own solo practice.

On this episode, Katie stops by the studio to talk with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about her professional journey and what's on the horizon.  She is building a unique firm where head honchos and artists will feel equally at home.

  The Rio games aren't the only reason East Tennessee residents are talking about the Olympics. Some are remembering the 20th anniversary of the 1996 summer games that featured whitewater events in Ocoee, Tennessee. Though those events turned out to be a success, some were skeptical when the idea was first proposed, and grassroots organizations worked hard to make it happen.

Most children in Chattanooga and Hamilton County will be starting school or going back after the long Summer break in the next couple of weeks. If you have children starting pre-k or kindergarten or going back into the 7th grade they are required to have a TN Immunization certificate. The certificate is available from your primary care physician or from the Chattanooga - Hamilton County pediatric clinic. Lauren Hawkins is the pediatric clinic manager. She talked to Richard Winham beginning with why this is the busiest time of the year for the clinic.