Fri May 9, 2014

Why Corinne Hill Says Libraries Should ‘Stop Being Missionary and Start Being Mercenary’

Corinne Hill, executive director of the Chattanooga Public Library, is recognized as an innovator.  Library Journal named her the 2014 Librarian of the Year, and she’s recently traveled to Washington, D.C.

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Thu May 8, 2014

Chattanooga Football Club Adds Women's Team

WUTC's Michael Edward Miller speaks with Gretchen Hammel, who plays for the new Chattanooga Football Club women's team, and Kate Roebuck, a team board member/spokesperson.

From a media release:

Chattanooga get ready, you are now home to a new premier level women’s soccer team! Chattanooga FC is proud to announce the upcoming season for the Chattanooga FC Women’s team, set to kickoff at home on Sunday May 18 at Finley Stadium. 

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Fri May 2, 2014

River Otter Falls Opens at Tennessee Aquarium

River Otter Falls at the Tennessee Aquarium.
Credit Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium expanded the River Otter exhibit to provide a more realistic environment for the otters and a better experience for aquarium guests. 

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Fri April 25, 2014

Nuclear Power Expansion Expected In TN

WUTC's Michael Edward Miller chats with John Williams, a speaker for the group Clean Energy America, which visited the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus.  The group says nuclear power supplies about 33% of Tennessee's power and is expected to supply even more soon.

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Wed April 23, 2014
VW Vote

UAW Withdraws Objections to February Union Election at VW Plant

Moments before a hearing with the National Labor Relations Board was to convene attorneys for the UAW withdrew objections to the results of a February union vote at the Volkswagen Group of America assembly plant in Chattanooga Tennessee. 

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Tue April 22, 2014

Georgia Bill Loosens Restrictions On Guns In Public Places

Originally published on Tue April 22, 2014 12:34 pm



Since the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, more than 70 measures have gone into effect around the U.S. actually loosening restrictions on guns. And tomorrow the governor of Georgia is expected to sign a bill that will allow gung to be carried in more places. Among those against the gun bill are cities in Georgia concerned about having to spend more on security. Susanna Capelouto has this report.

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Mon April 21, 2014
Shots - Health News

Tennessee Bill Could Send Addicted Moms To Jail

Originally published on Mon April 21, 2014 7:26 pm

The number of babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome is rising in Tennessee, and lawmakers want to try a punitive approach.
Katie Collins PA Photos/Landov

Pregnant women addicted to illegal narcotics or prescription pain pills could soon be jailed in Tennessee under a bill awaiting the governor's signature. The strict proposal enjoys bipartisan support — despite objections from doctors.

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Mon April 21, 2014
VW Vote

Corker, King Comment on UAW Appeal Withdrawal

U.S. Senator Bob Corker is commenting on the United Auto Workers' withdrawal of their appeal of the recent UAW vote at Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant.  "It's time for VW, our state and our community to re-engage and move forward with bringing additional jobs to Chattanooga," Corker said in a statement this morning.

In February, the UAW had sought to unionize the plant and narrowly lost in a 712-626 vote.  The UAW then appealed the vote, saying that Corker and other politicians had interfered.

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Tue April 15, 2014

Blood Assurance Has Critical Need For O Negative Blood

Blood Assurance particularly needs Type O negative blood, B negative, and platelet donors.  In this segment, Bonnie Phillips from Blood Assurance speaks with WUTC’s Virginia Daniels about the shortage, ways people can donate, and special promotions and giveaways at Blood Assurance.

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Sat March 29, 2014
Simon Says

A Bill To Distill Simmers In Tennessee

Originally published on Sat March 29, 2014 11:27 am

What legally makes whiskey taste like Tennessee?
Piotr Wawryniuk

Would Tennessee whiskey by any other name taste as sweet?

A debate in Tennessee simmers over a legal definition of what makes Tennessee whiskey "Tennessee."

The state legislature passed a bill last year saying whiskey can be labeled "Tennessee" only if it's made in the state from a mash that's 51-percent corn, trickles through maple charcoal, and is aged in new, charred oak barrels.

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Wed March 26, 2014

Habitat for Humanity Asks You to "Raise the Roof"

Joshua DuBois, former Director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and guest speaker for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga's "Raise the Roof" event on April 11, 2014.
Credit Joshua DuBois

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga is hosting a fundraiser on Friday, April 11, 2014 at the Chattanoogan Hotel. 

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Tue March 25, 2014

WIT Wants You

The fields of math, science and technology are still dominated by men. A group of women in Chattanooga would like to change that. They have formed a chapter of the national organization WIT: Women in Technology.  WUTC's Richard Winham talked to Ronna- Renee Jackson and Debi Crabtree to find out more.

On 3/25 at 5:30 p.m. at they are holding a reception to introduce anyone interested to their vision for the future.

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Mon March 24, 2014

Affordable Care Deadline Approaches; Medicaid Gap May Hinder Enrollees

People seeking ACA enrollment help can enter their zip codes at and find local organizations.

Tennessee has about 890,000 residents who are uninsured and eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, according to Bill Corr, Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

"For these people," Corr says, it’s "extremely important" to sign up.  People who miss the deadline may have to pay a penalty.

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Fri March 21, 2014
Why Pay Less?

Tennessee Ranks #1 In High Sales Tax

This map ranks states by combined average state & local sales tax rates. Tennessee is highest.
Credit Tax Foundation

At 9.45%, Tennessee has the highest combined average state and local sales tax rate, according to a recent report by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation think tank.  In this segment, WUTC's Michael Edward Miller speaks with Scott Drenkard, a Tax Foundation economist, about the reason why the foundation collects and publicizes this information.  They also discuss the oft-touted claim that in Tennessee, the sales tax is high, but it's offset by low income tax.

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Fri March 21, 2014

Chattanooga Photojournalist Gardner Will Document Kenyan Refugees

Sales of these watercolor necklaces will help fund Molly Gardner's Kenya trip. Jocelin Yagel designed the ink logos, and Meredith Blanchard is the owner of LimeTree Products, the jeweler putting everything together.
Credit Molly Gardner Photography

Molly Gardner plans to fly to Nairobi, Kenya this summer to meet women who create goods for the fair-trade nonprofit Amani ya Juu, which helps refugee women earn a living by creating clothing and other goods.

Gardner, a Chattanooga photographer and artist, works as the event coordinator for the Amani distribution center here in Chattanooga.

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