Thu October 24, 2002
WUTC Local

WUTC Wish List

Chattanooga, TN – WUTC, like all not for profit organizations, tries hard to cover all of its many expenses. Often listeners have helped us meeting some of these specific needs. Currently, the radio station is trying to find office chairs and carpeting. Listeners who help WUTC with these acqisitions could possibly meet the criteria for tax deductions.

If you or your company might be able to help, please call (423) 425-2377 and ask for Lawaunda January.


Tue October 8, 2002
WUTC Local

WUTC Fall Membership Drive Report

Chattanooga, TN – On September 29, 2002 WUTC-FM completed its fall membership drive with a total of $122,283.30 in membership pledges. Listeners from Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama were provided 'thank you' gifts of such items as t-shirts, CDs, travel mugs, whitewater trips, and gourmet lunches. WUTC wishes once again to thank all of its generous members for their support.

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Tue September 10, 2002


Wed September 4, 2002
WUTC Local

WUTC now web-streaming!

Chattanooga, TN – If you love the music and news programming on WUTC, but live outside the Tennessee valley or listen on the very fringes of our air signal, there is good news: WUTC is now web-streaming. "It is exciting to know that we are no longer limited by geographic boundaries. Now the whole world is our audience." states WUTC manager John McCormack.

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Mon September 2, 2002


Wed July 17, 2002
WUTC Local

WUTC Gets New Satellite System

Chattanooga, TN – On May 19, 1998 a geosynchronous satellite named Galaxy IV suffered a catastrophic technical failure, which made it impossible to aim its antenna at North America. The result? Ninety percent of pagers in the United States were rendered useless along with ATM machines, self-pay gas pumps and signals from broadcasters around the world, including National Public Radio. Most of us had no idea that so much information could be dependant on one satellite.

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Tue July 16, 2002
WUTC Local

WUTC Turns 20 Years Old!

Chattanooga, TN – Dear Member/Listener,

It is now official!! As of August 1st, WUTC-FM 88.1 has been filling the Tennesse Valley airwaves with information and music around the clock for twenty years.

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Sun July 14, 2002
WUTC Local

New Americana Music Show on NPR Music 88

Chattanooga, TN – Every once in a while, there is a reactionary shift in the arts. In times of excess, people crave simplicity. Awash in the over production of popular music, audiences were bound to call for a simpler, truer music. With the stellar success of the Oh Brother! Where Art Thou soundtrack, this has become evident to the music business as a whole. The movement of musicians, who found influence and solace in the Appalachian harmonies of the Carter Family, or the narratives of Jimmie Rogers, finally found commercial viability and airplay.

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