Police aren’t saying why a North Georgia teacher allegedly brought a handgun to school and fired it out a classroom window, but a police representative says apparently the teacher didn’t intend to harm any students. Jesse Randal Davidson teaches social studies at Dalton High, and the principal, Steve Bartoo, describes Davidson as an “excellent teacher.”

He says he’d be surprised “with any of our teachers” if an incident like today’s happens.

“Our teachers care about our kids. They love our kids, they take care of our kids, and it's certainly shocking to any principal if one of their staff members took a gun out in a classroom and fired it.”

The incident is sparking debate about President Trump’s proposal that some teachers start carrying concealed weapons, to defend students against school shooters.

Local playwrights Jeremy Pickard and Jennifer R. Jones join us to talk about their one-act plays being performed at the Dalton Little Theatre in Dalton, Georgia.  Pickard wrote and is directing Dickcissel, an avant-garde work about a bird caught in a barbed-wire fence who interacts with a cowboy.  The play deals with themes of identity and the unanswerable questions in this world, according to the Dalton Little Theatre's Web site.  Jennifer R.

Fifteen hundred runners are expected to participate in Saturday's upcoming Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon.  The event actually features three different races: a half-marathon, a 5K race and a 2K fun run.  Co-Race Director David Sanders joins us for this segment, along with Amy Kleem from Family Promise of Whitfield County.  The race raises funds for Family Promise along with another charity, City of Refuge Dalton.