Election 2014


Mon November 3, 2014

On Election Day, TN Voters Will Decide on 4 New Amendments

Nooga.com features an election guide where voters can type in their addresses and get personalized ballot information.

On Tuesday, November fourth, Tennessee voters will approve or reject four new amendments to the state constitution, along with choosing candidates in various elections.  Nooga.com's David Morton joins us to talk about the amendments and what a yes or no vote on each one could mean.

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Wed August 6, 2014

Hamilton County Election Day is 8/7. Here's How to Get Informed.

Nooga.com features an election guide at http://election.nooga.com/

August 7th will feature both Democratic and Republican primaries and will give Hamilton County residents a chance to vote on state and local judges, the Hamilton County Mayor, and more. The ballot has so many choices, it can be overwhelming. Here's how to get informed:

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