Mozilla’s Gigabit Community Fund is helping to explore Chattanooga’s high speed internet capability in classrooms, museums and other learning environments.  One winner of the Gigabit Grant is still in high school but has developed an educational project working with app development. 

WIT Wants You

Mar 25, 2014

The fields of math, science and technology are still dominated by men. A group of women in Chattanooga would like to change that. They have formed a chapter of the national organization WIT: Women in Technology.  WUTC's Richard Winham talked to Ronna- Renee Jackson and Debi Crabtree to find out more.

On 3/25 at 5:30 p.m. at they are holding a reception to introduce anyone interested to their vision for the future.

In the first of two stories on local grade schools with innovative approaches to learning, WUTC's Richard Winham talks to Tracey Carisch about the STEM School Chattanooga, a magnet school that focuses less on facts and information, and more on problem solving and collaboration.

Chattanooga's STEM Innovation Hub is hosting an Hour of Code event December 14th at the Chattanooga Library.  More information is here.