Booze & Bawdy Language Welcomed at 'Rage Yoga'

Dec 6, 2016

Yoga classes are mostly held in a tranquil setting with a yogi guru leading students to enlightenment through stretches and meditation. But that is not the kind of yoga class we visited at The Granfalloon.

Listen in on a rage yoga class- which combines yoga poses with loud rock music, salty language, and booze.

The Chattanooga Yoga School is offering an intensive course for people who want to be become certified yoga teachers. Offered over nine weekends between April and September, the classes, held at The Sports Barn here in Chattanooga, focus on the practice as well as the philosophy of yoga. Richard Winham talked to Madia Swicord, one of the co-directors of the school.

Melanie Lyon taught yoga classes at various locations around Cleveland, Tennessee, but she didn't have a permanent studio to call home.  She enlisted the help of several other Cleveland yoga instructors and opened 5ive Point Yoga & Massage, located in the heart of Cleveland's up-and-coming downtown district.   5ive Point is the area's first full-scale yoga studio, and it offers beginner classes as well as all-levels classes.